Our Mission

Versatile, pliable, durable, cheap to produce and ubiquitous…plastic is all of that. It has been a life-saving miracle product for the last two decades. But now, with 8 billion kilos of plastic ending up in waterways around the world each year, it has become the scourge of the Earth and its inhabitants.

And when it comes to plastic straws…we are talking about 50 million straws that are used and thrown away every day.

Given those statistics together with a strong conviction that everyone can be part of the solution, the founder of Just For Terra, Audrey, decided to start being part of the future she wanted for the world. A future where everything that is made by a human should have either a very long lifespan degrade to go back to the soil.

That’s how the first brand and product range was born, Sipizy.

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